Monday, March 30, 2009

TIP #28: SMILE!! 7 Ideas!


Simple things in life ... Don't be upset.. Don't be stressed! Stop reaching for food ... Take a deep breath ... relax ... Life is GRAND!!!!


Those who are more outgoing are people who tend to be active, energetic and thinner!


We can prevent the emotional eating ... Are you hungry or are you eating out of emotion? If you are hungry, chose low-fat and a low calorie snacks. Try and stay away from the sweet and salty foods :)

When are you feeling that urge to to grab that unhealthy snack, TRY these 7 things that will make you SMILE!!!

Go for a Walk- You will feel better! Do it!

Go visit your local pound or Puppy shop!- or even ask a friend to walk their dog, you know you love a cute puppy or cat.

Saturday Mornings- Sleep in! Yes, I said sleep in! Have yourself a lazy day. read the paper, have some coffee. Take time for yourself, de-stress, relax.

Compliments- Give someone a compliment! Self-esteem is a good thing! Simply tell someone "I like that outfit on you today". Make their day!

Take a beautiful picture- Being creative is inspiring! Do you have a talent that you didn't know you had? Try drawing. This helps ease pain and stress.

Perfect weather- We all know that this is an awesome thing for our bodies! Get outside and enjoy the day!

Lose weight- Make yourself feel better! Let me help you reach your goals.

Let's all work together to make ourselves, our friends and family one positive and happy bunch!

What are the things that you do to get out of emotional eating and get your self happy? Post your comments or email me at:

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